LIVFRESH Dental Gel - Clinically proven to remove plaque 250% better

was found to be 250% more effective at removing plaque than the market leader, according to a double-blind published study at the University of California, Irvine Beckman Laser Institute.

Each night plaque rapidly builds up in our mouth. In a double-blind crossover study conducted at a major US University, LIVFRESH was found to be 2 times better than the leading toothpaste at controlling overnight plaque buildup after a single brushing at night.

After users brushed with LIVFRESH in the morning, the dental gel was found to be more than 4 times more effective at reducing plaque than a popular toothpaste. 

A recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry found LIVFRESH remineralized teeth enamel as well as a traditional toothpaste.

LIVFRESH is free of abrasives, antimicrobials, gluten, sugar, triclosan, parabens, artificial flavors, & SLS. It’s made of high-grade, edible ingredients, which are all on the FDA’s GRAS list. 

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