GC TOOTH MOUSE: Bioavailable calcium and phosphate, without fluoride

Remineralising sugar free dental topical crème, containing bio-available calcium and phosphate. Recaldent ™ is made from casein, the protein in milk.

For many years it has been known that milk and its derivatives have a protective effect on the teeth. 

Research has shown that this activity is due to the fact that a part of casein called casein phosphopeptide (CPP) contains calcium and phosphate ions in the form of amorphous calcium phosphate (or ACP).

GC Mousse 40g Tube - 1 Pcs - Vanilla Toothpaste

Tooth Mousse, the first professional-use product to contain this CPP-ACP (Recaldent ™) complex, is the ideal delivery system for bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions.

GC Mousse 40g Tube - 1 Pcs - Strawberry Toothcreme

The CPP-ACP compound was developed at the School of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). Recaldent ™ is a registered trademark used with permission.

GC Mousse 40g Tube - 1 Pcs - Mint Toothpaste

Recaldent ™ (CPP-ACP) is derived from casein in milk. Do not use in patients allergic to milk protein and / or hydroxybenzoates.

GC Mousse 40g Tube - 1 Pcs - Tutti Fruity Toothpaste

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