HU FRIEDY: Dental Gracey Curette after five stain Steel Instruments Kit 6 Models Original

Originally designed to be finishing curettes for fine scaling and root planing, Gracey curettes were developed in the 1940’s by Dr. Clayton Gracey in coordination with Hugo Friedman, the founder of Hu-Friedy.

Each Gracey blade is offset at 70˚ and has one cutting edge—the lower edge. The combination of this unique blade and 9 different shank designs for specific tooth surfaces provide improved adaptation and deposit removal in scaling procedures.

The blade of a Gracey Curette is correctly adapted when the lower cutting edge is against the tooth, and the terminal shank is parallel to the tooth surface being scaled. 

Apply lateral pressure against the tooth (root) and pull upward, maintaining the parallel shank.

Universal curettes are designed for moderate calculus removal on supragingival and subgingival tooth surfaces. 

The blade of a universal curette has a round toe and back, and two cutting edges for scaling, making it an efficient design for scaling the entire mouth. 

Universal curettes are also available with rigid shanks in select patterns for moderate to heavy calculus removal.

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