TOOTH STAINS: How to stop teeth from staining - Dr. Chhaya Chauhan

Stains on the teeth are the most common cause of discolouration and why your natural teeth do not look as white as you might hope for.

A knowledge of the aetiology of tooth staining is of importance to dental surgeons in order to enable a correct diagnosis to be made when examining a discoloured dentition and allows the dental practitioner to explain to the patient the exact nature of the condition.

In some instances, the mechanism of staining may have an effect on the outcome of treatment and influence the treatment options the dentist will be able to offer to patients. 

Historically, tooth discolouration has been classified according to the location of the stain, which may be either intrinsic or extrinsic.

It may also be of merit to consider a further category of internalised stain or discolouration.
Dr Chhaya Chauhan explains how to prevent stains building up on your teeth and how to stop your teeth becoming discoloured.

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