DRY MOUTH: How does it impact oral health?

Dry Mouth occurs when your mouth does not produce enough saliva to stay moist. It is a common condition, yet it is often not reported or properly managed.

Dry Mouth is more than just uncomfortable—it can have long-term effects on your oral health. Dry Mouth can cause a number of problems, including up to 3x greater risk of cavities, gingivitis, and mouth infections.

Not only does Dry Mouth affect up to one in four adults, but 86% of sufferers experience symptoms every day.

Seniors are particularly susceptible to dry mouth because they often take multiple medications to control diseases they have developed throughout their lifetime. 

Seniors are also more likely to have teeth with exposed roots due to a number of factors including, but not limited to their age, tobacco use, and oral hygiene habits.

Root surfaces are more prone to cavities because they do not have enamel to protect them. The combination of exposed root surfaces and dry mouth increases the likelihood of cavities forming.

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