MATRICES: Sectional Contoured Matrices Matrix TOR VM (50 pcs)

METAL PARTS MATRIX: Matrices metal sectional intended to separate the approximate surfaces of neighboring teeth during the restoration of type II. All matrices are volumetric, concave, formed from special corrosion-resistant steel. 

They are made of special corrosion-resistant steel with the thickness of 35 or 50 microns. There are 4 types: 50 μm solid, 35 μm solid, 50 μm soft and 35 μm soft.

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Thin matrixes are convenient to use for the restoration of small defects, thick ones - for the restoration of large carious cavities with destruction in the subgingival region. 

Thick matrixes keep the form well, which in some cases does not allow the use of wedges when restoring the gingival margin or the arbor wall. 

Hard matrices are easier to introduce, however, their adaptation to the formation of a contact point is difficult.

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