► BILISTIC Pro Series Dental Polisher

All in one
: teeth cleaning, whitening and polishing system, comes with deep cleaning and softening action and recommended solvent for tartar and / or calcium. Includes 100% latex-free soft head for consistent performance.

Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria, removes buildup, and freshens breath. Comfortable and Cost-Effective - Brings affordability and excellence to your image manicure, and its ergonomic shape helps reduce unnecessary pressure designed to ensure smooth function. Ideal teeth cleaning for the whole family.

Key Features: Quiet, smooth-running gear design. Smooth angles designed for smoother rotation and consistent performance. Enhanced flare for better subgingival access and compatible with virtually all prophet heads available at any dentist office.

Innovative Design: Handheld Electric Toothbrush Polisher with Adjustable Speed ​​and Interchangeable Heads.

Best when paired with its corresponding dental tool kit, as these tools are designed to work together for a more thorough mouth cleaning. Enhanced flare heads for subgingival access.

Directions: Guide the prophet's tip along your upper teeth using "O" motions, and along the lower teeth using "U" motions. 4.9 ft power cord with variable speed adjustment.

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