COVID-19: Aerosol in prophylaxis – a danger for the dental team? - Prof. Dr. Georg Gaßmann

The production of airborne material during dental procedures is obvious to the dentist, the dental team and the patient. An aerosol cloud of particulate matter and fluid often is clearly visible during dental procedures.

This cloud is evident during tooth preparation with a rotary instrument or air abrasion, during the use of an air-water syringe, during the use of an ultrasonic scaler and during air polishing.

In this webinar Prof. Dr. Georg Gaßmann will deal scientifically with the following questions:

► What are sources of infection during dental treatment?
► Which instruments cause aerosol and which preventive measures can be taken when handling aerosols?
► Which alternative treatment options such as hand instrumentation and rotary polishing are favourable?
► What is the "new normal" in the dental practices after "corona"?

🔘 3 Topics of Covid-19 and Odontology

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