COVID-19: Oral Repercussions and its Possible Impact on Oral Health

Many viral infections cause oral manifestations, including disorders in odontogenesis, resulting in dental malformations. In this review, based on current knowledge, we will discuss the likely dental and oral consequences of COVID-19.

In this article, we review currently available data associated with vertical transmission of COVID-19 and odontogenesis, oral manifestations, and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on a diagnosis of oral diseases.

Owing to the severity of the pandemic, the population's anxiety and fear of becoming infected with COVID-19 may underestimate the signs and symptoms of serious illnesses, besides discourage patients from seeking health, medical or dental services to determine the diagnosis of oral lesions. 

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic could be an additional and aggravating factor for the delay of serious illness diagnosis, such as oral squamous cell carcinoma resulting in higher morbidity and worse prognosis.

Several changes and oral lesions have been described as oral manifestations of COVID-19, such as dysgeusia, oral ulcers, petechiae, reddish macules, desquamative gingivitis, among others.

Besides, it can cause major systemic changes and predispose opportunistic infections. As with other viral infections, oral manifestations, including dental anomalies, can occur as a direct result of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

However, further studies are needed to guide and clarify possible oral changes.

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