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The first edition of the Oral Health Atlas, pub - lished in 2009, aimed at ‘mapping a neglected global health issue’. The extent of neglect has not changed in the intervening period, yet there are new and encouraging opportunities for action addressing oral diseases on a global scale.

Recognizing these opportunities, the title of this second edition has been changed to The Challenge of Oral Disease – A call for global action. This completely rewritten text is explicitly directed at policy makers and key opinion leaders.

It has the clear purpose of acting as an advocacy resource for all oral healthcare professionals and those concerned about the unacceptable global burden of oral disease. The book brings together information, data and facts on a broad range of topics related to oral health. 

It looks at the state of global oral health through a public-health and population-fo - cused lens, and clearly aims at supporting ad - vocacy and action. As this book shows, there are serious gaps in recent epidemiological data on the major oral diseases, particularly in low- and middle-in - come countries. Thus, general awareness of oral diseases among policy makers, health planners and the health community at large remains low.

3 Topics of interest

Existing interventions to prevent and con - trol oral diseases are too often regarded as an expendable luxury, rather than as a fundamen - tal human right for everyone. Consequently, a large proportion of the global burden of oral disease remains unattended, and oral diseases receive only a low allocation of resources for surveillance, prevention, care and research.

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