FUJI I: Glass ionomer luting cement

GC Fuji I
is perfect for the fixation of all types of metal-based, metal-post and opaque zirconia restorations. It is an excellent option also for cementation in implant abutments.

Advanced materials technology gives GC Fuji I many advantages over zinc phosphate and polycarboxylate cements.

Fuji I improves chemical adhesion to tooth structure, ensuring excellent marginal seal. It is a moisture resistant solution when a dry surface cannot be guaranteed. 

Fuji I is quick and easy to use, without the need for etching or bonding to the tooth. Its rubbery consistency during setting allows easy removal of leftovers. 

Fuji I is a resin-free cement for patients allergic to methacrylate. Virtually non-existent postoperative sensitivity: pulp-friendly solution.

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