Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste for Bleeding Gums, Gingivitis Treatment and Cavity Prevention, Pure Fresh Mint (Pack of 3)

Parodontax Complete Protection is a daily anti-cavity toothpaste and gingivitis toothpaste that gives you what you need with 8 benefits for stronger teeth & healthy gums.

It helps to freshen breath, strengthen enamel, deep clean, whiten, reduce bleeding gums, reduce inflamed gums, remove plaque, and reduce swollen gums. 

Plus, it’s a gingivitis treatment that's clinically proven to help reduce bleeding gums and offers a pure fresh mint flavor. Parodontax Complete Protection is specially formulated for your gum health, and is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums.

Bleeding gums could be a sign of gum disease. 

That’s why brushing with a toothpaste specially formulated for gum health is important if you’re dealing with gum health issues. Try parodontax toothpaste and help prevent bleeding gums. 

Stannous fluoride is the key ingredient in parodontax antigingivitis toothpaste, which helps prevent bleeding gums, strengthens teeth and helps keep the seal between the gums and teeth tight. parodontax toothpaste also provides great taste and cavity protection. 

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