LEAD APRON: Upgrade 0.5mmpb Xray with Thyroid Shield Collar, Dental Lab Apron, Radiation Protection

Historically, many of the reasons for advocating the use of lead aprons in dental radiology relate to the protection of the patient from the harmful effects of ionising radiation and to allaying their anxieties.

Similarly some staff operating dental X-ray units have also routinely worn lead aprons to ensure that they were adequately protected against exposure from the X-rays.

Xray Lead Apron, front body protection during medical, dental x-ray and other Radiation releasing procedure 0.5mmpb equivalency.

MULTI-SIZE: Medium(35.43’’*21.6’’) for 1.5m-1.65m,Large (39.3’’*23.6’’) for 1.65m -1.85m.The collar and apron are separate. 

DESIGN: The thyroid collar was separate from the apron.Professionally designed for an exceptional fit and comfort.

SINCE 1980s: We have our own factory.We provide lead apron for hundreds of hospital.All of our protective garments offer confident radiation protection. Two year warranty. 

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & FREE RETURNS: When in doubt, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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