PROFRESH: BreathCare System Starter Kit - 3 Bottles with Activator Pacs™ & Tongue Cleaner

Millions of us suffer from bad breath. Some may not even realize it. For those who do, it’s often about brushing, chewing gum, or keeping a distance.

ProFresh freshens breath all day. It’s easy to use, alcohol-free and it works. ProFresh doesn’t use flavoring agents to try to cover up bad breath. 

If we added a flavor, ProFresh would neutralize the flavor too! ProFresh is alcohol-free. So, it doesn't burn, and won't dry out your mouth. ProFresh isn’t a minty cover-up, it’s a breath of fresh air. 

ProFresh BreathCare System Starter Kit, 6-Week Supply with Activator Packs and Tongue Cleaners

The ProFresh BreathCare System Starter Kit is recommended for new users. This kit includes a 6 week supply of ProFresh Oral Rinse and a complete package of tools. Using the ProFresh Routine twice a day, keeps your mouth refreshed, and leaves your breath fresh 24 hours a day. 

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